Welcome to The Umtshayelo Foundation (TUF)

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead

TUF is focused on transforming communities by building bridges between those who have something to offer, and those who are in need.

Our vision is to help build a world where communities are able to participate and contribute to a peaceful and equitable society.

Our mission is to create long-term support to those in need, through education, sustainable economic development and social support.

The Umtshayelo Foundation  was established in 2013. ‘Umtshayelo’ is a xhosa word meaning broom which has given birth to our slogan ‘sweeping suffering away’ . We believe that our neighbour’s material concerns are our spiritual concerns, and through the years we have built a community of givers and volunteers who care for each other and society, through practical acts of goodwill.

Join our community and use your time, talents, treasure and things for the common good.

Senior Citizen Programme (2013)

With increasing economic pressures and shifting family roles, traditional ways of caring for the elderly have become difficult to maintain, leaving many senior citizens without a support network.

Learning4Life (2014)

Is an Afterschool Project providing students the opportunity to continue their school day in a safe space with adult supervision.

Komani Social Enterprise (2018)

At Komani our message is around menstrual dignity and our aim to ensure that no girl is without menstrual protection. We produce and distribute quality reusable pads

TUF Alumni (2018)

In 2018 we formed an Alumni group from our ex-L4L matriculants and established a board to lead the longer-term engagement in social action and to maintain a mentoring relationship with these students.

The Learning Hub (2020)

The establishment of a prototype Learning Hub dedicated to collaborative learning and skills development is core to this project. However, it is being presented as an intervention that addresses both spheres of action on collaborative learning – mitigation and innovation within the information and communications technology (ICT). We are currently seeking partners in the development phase of this project.

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